Winter Mountain Flying


Different Seasons Create Different Experiences for Learning to Fly in the MountainsThe ceilings are low, the visibility decreasing.  I look out at the airfield and a winter storm is rolling in… Not early, not late, just when we would expect to start seeing regular snow.  There will probably be no flying for the rest of the day, but the next weeks and months will transform the Colorado Rockies to a winter wonderland.

With each season, the flight experience, challenges, issues, planning, even the survival gear that a pilot should carry changes.  In the summer we high density altitude to contend with, in the winter we have pre-heating and icing considerations among others.

I offer mountain flight training for pilot/owners all year long.  If you’ve ever considered taking some mountain flying instruction, winter is a great time, especially for those that have an airplane that doesn’t have the performance capabilities to enjoy the mountains in the summer.  I frequently have students that take a lesson in one season and come back in another season to receive the training and experience of flying through the Rockies in winter vs. summer or vice versa.