Challenging Terrain & Airports

Aspen, Telluride, Leadville, Eagle, Glenwood Springs... these are the airports that frequent top 10 lists of most challenging airports in the country. They are the places we fly with our students on a daily basis. The airports and surrounding terrain are an excellent training ground, so much so that the US Army bases their advanced rotorcraft school here at Eagle for the same reason - the best terrain challenges to train their pilots.

About Mountain CFI

Mountain CFI, has been providing mountain flight training to all levels of general aviation pilots for nearly 2 decades. We pride ourselves on providing what we believe to be “graduate level” training for general aviation pilots. We have often receive comments from pilots that attend as to how revolutionary and eye-opening our mountain training seminars are.

Safe Mountain Flying

Every mountain training seminar focuses on a combination of strategic and tactical skills. Examples of Strategic aspects include Route Planning, Weather Analysis, Performance, Survival Equipment, Scouting. Tactical skills include Terrain Flying, Short Field Techniques, Crosswind Techniques, Decision Making, Engine Management & Cooling

Rocky Mountains of Colorado

No place in the world offers a more scenic and beautiful flight training environment than the Vail, Beaver Creek and Aspen Valleys.

Learn to fly in Colorado

We are a full service flight training center with a specialty in mountain flight training. Learn to fly with us and you will be uniquely qualified to safely fly in the mountains. You need no experience to begin your mountain flying adventure.

Mountain Flying Instruction

With proper training, the mountains can be a safe and rewarding flight environment. No experience is required. Whether you are a new student pilot or a seasoned flat-lander, let us show you the proper techniques for flying in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.