Rates – Flight Instruction, Groun Instruction, Aircraft Rental


Rates for flight & ground training as well as aircraft rental at Eagle Airport

Aircraft Rental
DA-20-C1 Katana Evolution Rental* $139.00 / Hour
Cessna 177RG** $209.00 / Hour
Instructional Rates
Flight Instruction in Alpine Flight Traning Katana $55.00 / Hour
Flight Instruction in Customer Owned Aircraft $85.00 / Hour
Ground Instruction $55.00 / Hour
Other Fees
Overnight Trip Rate – Billed for instructor to accompany a pilot on overnight trip. $350 + Expenses
*Aircraft are rented wet, meaning fuel and oil costs are included. Multi-day trips are billed at rate of 3.0 hours per day if the actual flight time is less. Ask us about the discount we extend to licensed pilots for maintaining their currency in our aircraft. If you are a licensed pilot and fly the aircraft at least 1 hour every 30 days we will discount your rental rate.

** Cardinal RG is currently only available for instruction.