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I want to know what other pilots think…

The most important goal I have for this web site is to promote flight safety.  I believe that flight safety can be enhanced with learning, open communication, discussion and ideas from the most diverse and broad population of pilots that are out there.   I’ve told my students that’s it’s a bad idea to go through all the ratings with a single instructor, this because in the end they’ll have that instructor’s bad habits.  The same is true of the content on this web site, If I’m the only one writing what I think then it’s a narrow view of aviation.  Now, I would be the first person to tell you that I don’t know it all, and I’m not going to pretend to.  As some of you read my thoughts on these various topics you may have different and or better ideas or thoughts on a particular topic.  If that’s the case then please e-mail me what you think.  My e-mail is, and I’m very interested to hear what other pilots have to say about these issues.  I view that as an opportunity to learn more myself as well as an opportunity to share diverse opinions with my readers.  When I receive information from others I will promptly post it on the site attached to the related item(s) that it is in response to.  The exceptions to this are comments that are rude, profane, or endorse a clearly illegal or unsafe course of action.