iPad, A Great Tool for Aviation & Mountain Flying


My new iPad is a great tool for aviation and instruction.In the last couple months I’ve become fairly proficient with my new Apple iPad.  By aviation standards the device is downright cheap, and what it provides is incredible.  In the coming months I’ll go into specificas about some of the apps I really like, but for now, here’s a short list of the aviation apps that I have found useful on my iPad.  If you have suggestions for others I should check out send me an e-mail.

  • 14 CFR – This app is actually an iPhone app, and is very useful given it’s low cost.  Take the regs with you without the bulk.  I do wish the publisher would make it clear as to the publication date and provide guarantees for updates.  Some of the other regs apps do this, but at a higher cost.
  • PowerPilot – This is the AFD in your iPad – exact images of the pages, the creator of this app provides timely updates, and the information looks exactly like the real ADF.  PowerPilot is a great app and well worth a couple bucks, entire AFD’s can be downloaded for offline use (like in the aircraft).
  • AvCharts – Basically NOAA approach charts.  Another low cost and great app.  This app also allows download of any charts to the unit for offline use.  The creator of this app also provides timely updates of the charts.
  • FS KneeBoard – Overall this is a good app, but it can be a bit slow.  On one hand it’s nice to know your are looking at the exact scanned image of a sectional, but on the other hand, the big scanned images are slow to load and move around on.  Some of the other apps seam the sectionals together, but at a higher cost.

Here’s another hint I figured out the other day… if you’re flying at night some of these chart and afd apps can be blinding— white screen with black type, however, in the settings area, under accessibility the ipad can be reversed to black page with white type.  This is much easier on the eyes in a dark cockpit.