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Welcome to Mountain CFI

The goal of Mountain CFI is to provide the very best instruction and information for safe mountain flying.  Mountain CFI was created to provide a source for general educational information, ground instruction and flight instruction pertaining to all aspects of operating general aviation aircraft in the mountains.

At Mountain CFI, our specialty is providing comprehensive mountain checkout and flight instruction to aircraft owner/pilots.  If you want to learn to fly your aircraft in the Rockies like a pro, consider some flight instruction from someone with extensive experience flying in and out of all of Colorado’s high altitude airports.

I try to add something to this site ever other day, so check it frequently for new information.  You may also want to consider viewing our site using an RSS news reader. 

If you have questions you would like to pose on the site please e-mail them.  If I don’t know the answer I’ll do my best to find someone who does.  I have an open posting policy.  I also like to hear comments about the site, good or bad.  If you have a different opinion or take on something please e-mail me and I’ll post it providing it’s not offensive or rude.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a flight lesson please e-mail or call me.

Loren French

ATP / CFII / MEI / Airplanes / Seaplanes / Gliders

FAA Designated Air Safety Counselor