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Flight Instruction and Airplane Rental in Glenwood Springs If you’re looking to learn to fly in Glenwood Springs Colorado there are a couple of great options for you.  First, the airport located just south of town in Glenwood Springs is one of the neatest airports in Colorado.  While it’s not an ideal place to learn, it is a neat airport.  Why do I say it’s not ideal place to learn?  The runway is a bit short, so as a result most of the training in the region actually occurs at Rifle or Eagle Airport, located east and west of Glenwood Springs.  The longer and wider runways at Eagle and Rifle provide a better safety margin for practicing landings and other maneuvers.  Given that most training from Glenwood occurs elsewhere it’s simply more efficient to learn in Eagle or Rifle as opposed to Glenwood.

Alpine Flight School, located in Eagle Colorado just 20 minutes to the east is the closest flight school, flight training and aircraft rental to Glenwood Springs.  We can also provide flight instruction at Glenwood Springs upon request.  If we come to Glenwood Springs we charge a nominal fee to cover the extra fuel to relocate the plane. Our prices are slightly lower than the flight training options available at Rifle Airport while being closer to Glenwood.

We utilize a Diamond DA-20 Katana Evolution.  Our plane rents for $139/hr, and our instructors charge $55/hr. 

There is no flight school or aircraft rental available in Glenwood however there is a small flying club located in Glenwood Springs.  While the club can provide an opportunity to have shared ownership of a plane it’s really best to learn to fly in either the Eagle or Rifle airports given the presence of an actual flight school operation.  If you would like to know more about learning to fly in Glenwood Springs please give us a call.

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