Getting a Mountain Checkout is Important


Dreams of flying to Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming? Get some instruction and a checkout!Have you ever dreamed of flying your own airplane to an exotic mountain destination in the Rockies like Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Canada, or even Alaska?  Think about getting a mountain flying checkout and some good mountain flying instruction.

A thorough mountain checkout covers safe flying in mountainous terrain and examines additional factors such as route planning, canyons, density altitude, wind, up and downdrafts, mountain weather plus much more. A real mountain checkout should include airport operations at a variety of mountain airports.

Colorado is a great place to learn the ins and outs of mountain flying and get a mountain checkout. While there is no formal FAA rating or endorsement for a mountain checkout, many insurance companies will still require such checkout before pilots are allowed to fly into high terrain. At Alpine Flight School we follow a curriculum that follows the topics developed by AOPA Air Safety Foundation. In Fact, we recommend every student coming for mountain flying to take the online ASF Mountain Flying Course prior to mountain flying with us. Doing so will make your mountain checkout count towards a wings phase of pilot proficiency, and that can mean a reduction in insurance premiums.

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