Eagle County Aviation Association


Local Interest Groups Facilitate Safety

Later tonight I’m scheduled to lecture to the Eagle County Aviation Association about special airspace and TFR’s.  Small local groups are a great way to get to know other pilots, facilitate open communication and to learn about the local flight environment.  Our own Eagle County Aviation Association is a good template that many other communities would be wise to follow when it comes to arranging such a group.

The association is simple, everyone gets together every two months, they invite a guest speaker, air traffic controller, safety counselor, flight doc, etc. to speak.  At the end of the night they have learned something, talked with other pilots, FBO operators, ATC people and overall have made an attempt at improving their flight safety.

IMHO… this sort of grass roots flying association can really make a positive impact on safety.  In many communities throughout the nation the pilot population is hungry for training like this.  The only piece many communities are missing is that person willing to organize the club.  I often ask pilots "what have you done or learned today to improve flight safety?"  We’ll that door swings both ways, that needs to be asked of ASC’s, DPE’s, chief instructors, and the "senior" pilots living in communities (you know who you are.)