Colorado Extreme Airports


A popular training scenario we frequently fly with pilot’s looking to learn mountain flying is this itinerary that includes some of the most challenging airports in North America.   On this day adventure you’ll visit some of Colorado’s most extreme airports and incredible terrain.  Generally the scenario begins with a trip through McClure Pass to Telluride, North America’s second highest field located deep in a box canyon.  After Telluride the next stop is North Fork Valley for a landing on a curved runway located atop a mesa.  The third stop is generally Glenwood Springs, voted North America’s most challenging airport.  After Glenwood Springs, if you still have not had enough then you can choose to fly to Aspen, which is voted North America’s second most challenging airport, or cross Haggerman Pass at over 13,000 feet and then land a Leadville, North America’s highest field where the runway is 9927 feet elevation, or go to both.

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